Vienna exhibit features working models of Da Vinci's inventions

The Vienna Art Centre offers a new Leonardo da Vinci exhibit featuring 62 working models (some full-scale and some miniature) of his mechanical inventions.

Da Vinci was in many ways ahead of his time, creating mechanical concepts that were not practical with the manufacturing technology and materials available in his day, but that are in common use today. His ideas included a early concepts for "the bicycle, breathing apparatus for divers, hang gliders, elevators, parachutes, cog-wheels, jacks, military tanks, and other warcraft, including a mobile ladder for attacking enemy walls, that looks much like the ones used by firefighters today."

Using computer graphics to recover previously-invisible details from Da Vinci's drawings and sketches, experts have created working models of many of these inventions, and have placed 62 of these models on display in Vienna until May 29.

Thanks to Lord Zachariah von Marksburgh for the story lead.