Pennsic attendees bid fond farewell to Ed Wilver

Baron Ed Wilver, a member of the staff of Cooper's Lake Campground where Pennsic is held each year, died on March 4 at the age of 72.

Ed Wilver was a familiar face to many who attend Pennsic War each year and was known for being friendly and helpful to the populace and to Pennsic staff. He and his wife JoAnn, who also works at the Cooper's Lake camp store, own land immediately adjacent to the campground on the north side. Their land and a storage barn have been used for years for Pennsic activities and logistics.

Mr. Wilver, who grew up in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, was an Army veteran and an avid outdoorsman who made his living primarily as a sign painter. His final illness was related to his sign-painting work.

Family members have indicated that expressions of condolence from SCA folk are most welcome, and request that these be sent to the campground office for forwarding. The address is:

JoAnn Wilver
c/o Cooper's Lake Campground
205 Currie Road
Slippery Rock PA 16057

Memorial contributions may be made to Zion Baptist Church, 154 Currie Road, Slippery Rock, Pa. 16057.

As you know, Ed Wilver- Court

As you know, Ed Wilver- Court Baron of Coopers Lake Campground, has died. The Coopers and Wilvers are people I have known for over 25 years. When I heard about Ed's passing, and received information about the viewing hours, and the funeral, I knew I had to go.

I am fortunate in the fact that I live less than 45 minutes from Coopers Lake, so I made the trip for viewing hours, as attending the funeral would not have been possible for me- just as neither the viewing nor funeral would be possible for thousands of SCA people all over the world to attend.

I met with the members of both families, and they were glad to see me as well as other SCA members in attendance. Jo Ann Wilver is doing well under the circumstances. She asked me to convey a message to the SCA on her behalf:

"We love you all"
"We have always enjoyed your many talents."

Such a statement doesn't surprise me at all. The SCA means a lot to the Coopers and Wilvers, and I am very sure that they mean a lot to a great number of people who could not be present to say so to them in person.

Ed's work as a sign painter will always be remembered- the signs we see at Coopers Lake were all painted by Ed. His work in Boy Scouting will also be remembered. He always enjoyed a good joke, shared his generosity and good humor with all, and gave to the SCA lasting memories and the experiences of a lifetime- to his very great honor. May we all be so lucky to have a life such as his.

Dirk Edward of Frisia