Feast of Fools

It is my great honor to invite all near and far to Feast of Fools hosted by the Barony of Knight's Crossing in the city of Heidelberg, Germany.

Site: USAREUR Königstuhl Radio Relay Station (no street address), Heidelberg. Site opens at 16:00 Friday and closes 12:00 on Sunday. Pets are allowed, but must be leashed at all times. The site is very certainly wet. No stores or cash machines are nearby.

Cost: Site fee is EUR 8 per person. Feast is EUR 7 per person. All prices for children 12 and under are half price. Limited indoor crash space (15 people) is available on a first-reserved/requested basis, with additional tent crash space for overflow. Reservations are kindly requested no later than 1 April.

Reservations can be sent to feastoffools2005@yahoo.com. Fees to be paid upon arrival.

Directions: Take your best route to A5 toward Heidelberg. Take exit #37 for A656 toward Heidelberg. (Speed camera warning!) After 1.7 mi/2.7 km (once the speed is down to 50kph) turn right onto Gneisenaustrasse, following the sign for the Altstadt and Schloss (before the first traffic light). Follow this street to pass by the hauptbahnhof (now Kurfürsten-Anlage). Remain in the left lane into a traffic circle, emerging on the other side (effectively straight across) in the right lane, still following the Schloss signs. Stay in this lane through the edge of another traffic circle and through the tunnel. (Speed camera warning!) Get into the right lane. Turn right, following signs for Gaiberg/Königstuhl, onto Klingenteichstrasse. Follow the priority road toward Gaiberg for about 1.6 mi/2.6 km. Make a sharp left at the top of the hill toward Königstuhl (not Gaiberg) onto Kohlhöferweg. Follow this road for 1.1 mi/1.8 km. Turn right following the signs for Königstuhl/Märchenparadies. Follow this road to the end and turn right (ignoring the one-way street sign posted). The site is to the right of the large sign for the Königstuhl Radio Relay Station. Because the gate cannot be left open, arriving individuals will have to announce themselves by honking their horn or otherwise getting the attention of someone inside. If arrival after 11pm or before 6am is anticipated, please contact the event steward.