Atlantian MoAS Announces New Links Site

The Atlantian Ministry of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce new links webpages.

Once upon a time, there was a Garden of Links-Pages, and its name was

The garden grew and grew. But no matter how much it grew, it always seemed to sprout weeds of Broken Links and Outdated Information.

One day, some ladies from the far-off land of the Middle Kingdom visited the Garden. They were impressed with the breadth of information it offered, but were woefully vexed by the thorny weeds they encountered.

So they sent a messenger to the Atlantian Minister of Arts and Sciences, for that is the office on whose land the Garden grew. "We are building a garden to enhance a grove of Laurels growing here," they said. "May we copy your Garden, but redo it to eliminate the weeds? We will gladly provide you with a copy once it's ready."

So the Minister agreed to this endeavor, and the ladies, led by a fairy godmother named Elspeth Grizel of Dunfort, set about to building their copy of the Garden for the Laurels. It was a beautiful garden, but more than that, a functional garden; it was Searchable, and one could easily report Broken Links, or comment on Links, or even suggest new Links to add to the Garden.

But all, sadly, was not well in the Middle Kingdom, for soon there was strife amongst the Laurels. "This Garden does not belong here," declared some of the Laurels (for there, as in Atlantia, such shrubs have been magically granted the power of speech). "These flowers do not please us!"

And it made all of the gardeners very upset, indeed. It was so much work, and such a lovely garden; whatever would happen to it?

It was about that time, in this very kingdom, that a bird became the Minister of Arts and Sciences here in Atlantia. But not just any bird; but a Pelican -- such creatures, also, are known to be verbal (even verbose) from time to time. And the Pelican happened to be the bride of the Atlantian Web-Minister, a lord with magical powers in the construction of sturdy webs and nets and other such things.

The Pelican was not always a Pelican, though; and many years ago, when she was a lady (before she was transformed into a Pelican), she had once been the gardener of herself. So she talked to Lady Elspeth about transplanting the Garden, and begged her husband the Web-Minister to use his mystical powers to aid in the endeavor.

Lady Elspeth worked ever so hard to transport the Garden to Atlantia, so that no leaf or blossom would be even the slightest bit bruised in its transfer, and even helped make it more properly-oriented so that it could grow beautifully in its new Atlantian soil. And the Web-Minister constructed a sturdy foundation for the Garden, so that its every parterre and pathway would rest on solid support. And a new gardener, Victoria Pringle by name, was brought forward to maintain the garden as it continues to grow.

And already, the transplanted Garden has taken so well that it has nearly doubled in size in the few weeks since setting its roots back on Atlantian soil.

And that Garden's new name is -- though, like a proper fairy godmother, Lady Elspeth gave it a gift: another (and easier-to-remember) name,

The End