Tournaments Through the Ages

The Shire of Stormsport wishes to invite Combatants and Consorts of the Sylvan Kingdom of Aethelmearc to our Shire for a weekend of Tournaments through the Ages.

Join us on June 10th, 11th and 12th for a celebration of tournaments and pastimes that will not soon be forgotten. The weekend will include (but not be limited to ) a William Marshal Ransom Melee, A Chivalry Challenge, Equestrian Games, Torchlight Feats-of-Arms, Modern Double Elimination , and a Novice Tourney. Youth combat is scheduled and if we can get a Fencing Marshal, there'll be fencing as well! (We have room for both tourney and melee fencing). For the amusement of the populace non-martial populace equestrian activities and hound coursing are being planned.

The site is the Erie Hunt and Saddle Club, 6840 Old State Road, Edinboro, PA 16412. This is a camping event. Set-up will open at 6 PM Friday the 10th with tear down beginning 3 PM Sunday.

Each day will begin with armour inspections and qualifications starting at 9:30 with the days tourneys beginning at 10:15.

Saturday's martial activities will include a procession of combatants and consorts, followed by a five -person William Marshal Ransom Melee, Equestrian Warm-ups, 14th century format Chivalry Challenge, Hound Coursing, Feats of Arms by Torch Light, Youth Combat and whatever else we can come up with.

Had enough fighting? Of course not! Wait there's more!

Sunday's Activities will include a Double Elimination Tourney, Andy and DeeDee's Birthday Bash Novice Tourney, (Yes gang, those cute little kids you once knew when Alexander and Rannvigr sat as Prince and Princess are now old enough to qualify for combat.) and Equestrian Rings and Quintain games. If the hounds are up to it, there will be more hound coursing. The day will end with the presentation of awards to the victors of the tournaments.

Rules for the various tourneys will be posted at:

A sideboard will be provided both days, but because of the busy schedule a feast will not be provided. (Yes, this is a camping event and yes you can have fires in the designated areas.) For those of you that are camp cooking impaired fear not, a myriad of restaurants are available with 15-20 minutes of driving.

Cost for this extravaganza will be $15.00 for the entire weekend. This includes the side board for Saturday and Sunday as well as the site fee. Persons under 16 years of age are $7.00 and the smallest of our citizens (3 and under)free. Merchants are welcome. Your Autocrat is Alexander Caithnes.

Conditions are primitive - This site has neither flush toilets or showers. Porta-castles will be on site. Equestrians- Contact Alexander about boarding requirements - Stalls are $20.00/day and this includes water, straw (bedding) and access to electricity. Non-Equestrians - You cannot rent the stalls to camp in - sorry those are the site rules.

Directions: North, East and West:
Best route to I-90. Once you enter the lovely State of Pennsylvania look for the Fairview -Exit 16. Get on to PA 98 South . Stay on PA 98 south for about 4.75 miles. You will see a blinking light intersection. This is Old State Line Road turn left. Stay on Old State for 1 mile and turn left. You're at the site.

From the South
Best Route to I-79 North. Stay on I -79 until you get to the Edinboro Exit (Exit 166 US 6 N) Get on to 6N-West ( a left) and stay on 6N until you get to PA 98 North (The first traffic signal you'll encounter along the way) turn right. Stay on 98 North for 3.6 miles. You will see a blinking light intersection. This is Old State Line Road, turn right. Stay on Old State for 1 mile and turn left. You're at the site.