Colonel Jenna Goes to War

Colonel Jenna of the Kingdom of Calontir writes to non-SCA friends around the world about her experiences at the recent Estrella War.

Author’s note -- The following was originally written for the sole purpose of sending to Mundane pen-pals serving in the Armed Forces in Iraq.

A report about Jenna’s trip to the Estrella War Estrella Mountain Park, Goodyear, AZ (west of Phoenix) February 17-20, 2005

I promised a report, and here we are. First, for those who don’t know, the history group I am in, the SCA, has these things we call wars. It’s something like a science-fiction convention held at a campground, and something like a Boy Scout Jamboree, and an awful lot like a hell of a lot of fun. Somehow or other two sides are created and the fighters put colored electrical tape (usually red or blue) on their helmets so they know who to kill. Various ‘scenarios’ for battles are worked up, some of them ridiculously elaborate, some involving making ‘bridges’ or ‘castle walls’ out of bales of hay to make things interesting – “You trip over this row of hay bales, you have ‘fallen off the bridge’ and drowned,