Put Your Best Presser Foot Forward: A Garb Skirmish - POSTPONED

EVENT TO BE RESCHEDULED. The Incipient Shire of Blackwater, as Sponsored by the Shire of Heronter, proudly, and with great excitement, announces their first official event, to be held on May 27-29, 2005. Put Your Best Presser Foot Forward, a Garb Skirmish is a fun event where we will be making new clothes for our menfolk.

This event is similar to events in other Kingdoms, known there as 'Garb Wars' or 'Iron Seamstress Competition'. Teams will have 24 hours to completely construct, from the skin out and from head to toe, one men's outfit to be modeled on a male model. Contact the Event Steward for further details for the teams.

But who wants to listen to those 'Construction Workers' all night? Well, for those who want to be supportive of the creative, but would fall fast asleep listening to those machines, we have planned a Midnight Tournament under the stadium lights. Fight all night and be as tired as the teams. Bring your Heavy gear and see how long you'll last. Be warned that we are also working on plans for Fencing, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Youth Fighting and fishing (catch and release) in the small pond.

You might be asking yourself 'Who's got that kind of space to be planning all of those activities?' Well, we are having things happen at the Olean Rod & Gun Club, Inc., no number Wayman Branch Road, Olean, New York. See the Rod & Gun Club at www.geocities.com/oleanrodandgunclubinc/. The site opens on Friday, May 27 at 3pm and closes at noon or thereabouts on Sunday, May 29. There is camping space available for $5.00 per space and you should pre-register your tent size to hold a space. The site is discreetly damp, handicapped accessible, and dog friendly, if they are properly cleaned up after.

The site fee is $7.00 per adult, $4.00 per youth under the age of seventeen and the littlest ones aged five and under are free. It is very important that your children be supervised at all times, as there is a dead end road that runs through the site and a pond on site. These fees do not include the nonmember surcharge, which will be collected at the time you check in. A sideboard lunch is included in your site fee and will be served at lunchtime on Saturday. The Reservation clerk is Duchess Anna Blackleaf, m/k/a Cheryl Moore, cherylsofia@hotmail.com

After the prizes are given, and every team will get a prize, a fabulous feast prepared by Baroness Olivia d'Anjou will be served. Reservations are $6.00 per person and are limited to 80. Please address dietary concerns to Baroness Olivia. Candles for dinner are OK and after dinner, let's dance, sing and be merry. Sunday morning breakfast is offered by the Olean Rod & Gun Club at $3.50 per person for eggs, pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee. Reservations are necessary for breakfast so that enough can be on hand.

Who's in charge of this fun and exciting event? Your Event Steward is Lady Sophie Davenport, m/k/a Sherry Lemon, boottothehead@juno.com Please address your questions or concerns about the primary event or site to Lady Sophie.

How do you get there? The directions are on the website for the Olean Rod & Gun Club, Inc. and are as follows:
On Route 86 take exit 27 for Olean/State Route 16, At the end of the ramp turn right onto Route 16 South, Go 0.7 miles to the traffic light at the intersection of Route 16 and Front Street, Turn left onto Front Street and go 1.0 miles to the end of Front Street (there is a traffic light and a Country Fair at the end of the street) and turn left onto State Route 417 East, Go 4.1 miles on Route 417 East to Steam Valley Road, and turn right onto Steam Valley Road, Go 0.1 miles over the bridge to the stop sign and turn right onto Steam Valley Road, Go 1.7 miles on Steam Valley and turn left onto Wayman Branch Road, Go 1.3 miles along Wayman Branch Road to Hartwig Road, keeping right continue 0.2 miles to the Olean Rod and Gun Club.

From Wellsville take State Route 417 West into Portville, After going under the railroad bridge as you approach the Village of Portville, you will see a caution light at the intersection of 417 and Route 305 South, Continue on Route 417 West into Portville 0.8 miles to the next traffic light (the intersection of Rtes. 417 and 305 North) Continue on Route 417 for 1.0 mile and turn left onto Steam Valley Road and follow the above directions, from the bridge forward.

Remember to contact the Event Steward for Team specifications. We sincerely hope that you can come and help us celebrate our Incipiency at our first official event.

Put Your Best Presser Foot Forward, A Garb Skirmish
Event Particulars

The Rules, if you need clarification, please contact the Event Steward

  • Teams need to have a team name and project description, stating the time period and type of person that would be wearing the clothing.
  • Teams must display a men's outfit, on a male model, with as much as possible made onsite within the 24 hour time limit. Pattern drafting, clothing and accessories should be made on site, although some items not made of fabric may be made in advance. All items from the skin out, from head to toe, could be made onsite, more points given for more items made onsite, but no points deducted for items not made onsite.
  • Fabric may be prewashed and ironed, but not marked or cut before arriving onsite.
  • Teams shall consist of not more than four (4) 'Construction' members and have the option of having one (1) youth member under the age of 17, with a guardian or a guardian waiver.
  • Construction members are sewers, weavers, embroiders, painters-anyone who is making something for the outfit.
  • Construction members cannot be Clothing or Costuming Laurels or those Laurels known for their Clothing skills. These Laurels may be utilized as judges and consultants at large.
  • Not all team members need be present at all times, but must participate in construction on site.
  • Final product is best displayed on a live model, who is not necessarily a 'construction' member.
  • Models may be present overnight to help team moral, feed the workers, answer questions, and must be onsite for the presentation.
  • Teams are to bring all of the materials and tools for their project-once you are checked in you cannot leave or call for supplies. Tools consist of sewing machines, sergers, hand sewing needs, scissors, iron, etc. Materials consist of extension cords, power strips, your special chair, thread, comfy clothes, bunny slippers, special snacks and drinks, etc., as well as the materials needed for the garments. Forgot something? Think barter with another team, or be creative.
  • Mandatory breaks will be every four hours. We'll do the Chicken Dance, the Hokey Pokey or the Macarena to get the blood pumping and keep you going.
  • Model must be dressed and ready for presentation promptly at 5pm on Saturday. Be ready to talk about the clothing and be prepared to undress the model to show off your hard work.