New email discussion group focuses on Greek persona development

Feeling Hellenic today? A new email discussion list created by Kurios (Lord) Charismos of Lacedaemon is all about Greek (Hellenic) history and persona development.

Kurios Charismos writes:

If you have chosen a Greek persona, no matter if you are from 900 BCE or 1599 CE, this is the group for you! This group is dedicated to discussing and learning about all aspects of the Greek type personae no matter the period or the topic, as long as it is Greek. Suggested themes are heraldry, costuming, brewing, history, warfare, influences of Greek philosophy on other cultures through the SCA time period, food, languages and many, many others.

If you know of someone who has chosen a Greek persona or is researching the possibility of one, or just wants to learn more about them, please pass this along. As always, this is not an official SCA list.

The link to the Group is [the "Original Article" below].

Kurios (Lord) Charismos of Lacedaemon
478 BCE Spartan