Siege of the Black Tower

Arise, Atlantia, and prepare for battle!!! The Canton of River's Point presents the Siege of the Black Tower, a day filled with Melees for both Heavy and Rapier fighters as well as gentler amusements for those not martially inclined. The day will be topped off by a feast prepared by Rivers Point's finest feast steward.

Winter War Assessment has begun the long process of shaking off winter's rust, but every good warrior knows the Road to War is long, and requires much practice. Your next good chance comes March 12th, in Central Virginia.

Heavy fighters, Rapier fighters, Combat Archers, Siege Engineers, come one come all, we have a large field and our Marshals in Charge have some wonderful scenarios planned.

Artisans of Atlantia, bring your projects in progress for the Arts and Sciences competitions. Classes will also be held, and an open display will occur in our Hall.

Gourmets and Gourmands of Atlantia, bring your appetite, as Lady Sorcha prepares a feast to tempt your pallet without putting much of a dent in your pocketbook!

Merchants! Bring your wares and sell them to some of Atlantia's finest shoppers (please contact the autocrat if you're interested in Merchanting)

Pre-Registration is encouraged...register by March 8th and save $3 from the site fee!

For more details, go to to view the event flyer and get directions.

If you have any questions, contact the autocrat (that's me) at

In Service,

Gorm of Berra