It's Not the End of the World

It is my pleasure to announce that the Outpost of Falkewinde will be putting on its very first event June 17-19 in the beautiful wilds of Western Northshield. The Event is called "It's Not the End of the World", and we're playing lightly with a Norse Ragnorak theme.

I would like to invite all teachers to come and share their knowledge with this fledgling group. I am especially interested in Norse related classes (again playing up that Ragnorak theme) but welcome all comers. Contact me if interested (we might be able to work you a little deal).

I also hereby challenge all comers to exercise the Bardic Arts. The Challenge is thus: Best Norse themed story, poem, or song. Extra consideration to be given to those pieces dealing with the Twilight of the Gods. These may be retellings of old sagas and verse or creations from the rich imaginations that bless our kingdom. Entertain us with your tales of the Northmen.

Lady Katherine d'Amiens (Kathe Spies)
Seneschal of Falkewinde
Event Steward for It's Not the End of the World.