"How Science Survived--Medieval Manuscripts as Fossils"

The February 25 issue of Science magazine features an article about estimating the quantity of medieval knowledge that has survived in scribal form, versus the amount that has been lost to us due to destruction of the manuscripts over time.

The abstract reads, in part:

Ancient texts often survived from Antiquity through the Middle Ages in the form of copies made by dedicated monks before the arrival of the printing press in the 15th century A.D.; some of these texts are still in existence today. But how can we estimate the numbers of texts that survived or went extinct and consequently the amount of knowledge that we have inherited from the past?

The "original article" link from this SCAtoday.net story goes to the online version of the Science article, which registered users can read in whole or in part (depending on the type of user account). Alternatively, check with your local library to see a copy, or look for it on your local newstand.

Science, Vol 307, Issue 5713, 1208-1209, 25 February 2005

The Journal Science is a weekly

The Journal Science is a weekly.

Thanks for the correction.

Thanks for the correction.