More on memorial arrangements for Midrealm's Duchess Anne

Lady Veronica of Seldome Rest, eldest daughter of Duchess Anne who passed away recently, has provided additional information about memorial arrangements and where to send sympathy cards or condolences.

Lady Veronica writes:

Greetings unto the populace of the Midrealm and the SCA as a whole. I am Lady Veronica of Seldome Rest, Eldest daughter of Duchess Anne du Fountaine.

I am sure many of you have heard about Duchess Anne du Fountaine and her death on February 17th. Many of you have questions about memorial services and where to send various "stuff." I want to thank Duchess Lisa for her generous help in getting out the general announcement and for being willing to help us by giving us the time to make whatever necessary arrangements had to be made in the situation. As she has only passed to me a general itinerary of all requests, I would like to offer an open door to those that wish to ask any of the family members personally by sending the e-mail through me at the [email listed at the end of this article].

I give my apologies to all who have awaited anxiously for any kind of response but, as business had to be taken care of first, I have not had the time to be able to handle some of the requests personally. Many of you will understand. I have heard personal requests of "where do we send...", and this is the general response.

Please send to [the address provided at the end of this article].

We thank all of you for your concern... Please feel free to pass this post onto the other forums as needed.

In Love and Service,

Veronica Callicotte

Memorial Arrangements

Saturday, February 26th, 2005 from 2-6 pm
Saint Paul's Lutheran Church
121 South College Avenue
Newcomerstown, Ohio 43832
This will be a potluck. Please bring drinks or sides. Mundanes or garb is acceptable.
Crash Space
There is a Hampton Inn on State Route 36 and Interstate 77 (exit 165). 200 Morris Crossing Ave., Newcomerstown, Ohio 740-498-9800. Rate is $62.00/Night (special) and mention that you are coming in for a memorial service.

Contact Information

Lady Veronica of Seldome Rest
AKA Veronica Callicotte
Re: Estate of Martha Conkle
136 South College Street
Newcomerstown, Ohio 43832


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Normally, does not publish personal contact information. In this case, we are making an exception at the specific request of Lady Veronica.