News Tribune: Sixth Graders Learn About the Middle Ages at Medieval Fair

Reporter Natalie Fieleke of the Jefferson City (Missouri) News Tribune covered the recent Medieval Fair at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, in which students learned about the Middle Ages from SCA members.

Throughout the day, the sixth-graders rotated through a series of stations where they learned about medieval history, dressed in costume, ate period food and watched SCA members fight in armor.

"This is one of the highlights of the day because the kids get to see men hit each other with big sticks," said Jennifer DeFeo, head of the school's social studies department.

Heh. My home town paper!

Heh. My home town paper!

I live in Ohio now, and have since 1985, but I remember well the good old JC News Tribune. It's kind of fun to get to quote them on after all these years.