Novices' Day

The Shires of Rokeclif and Shattered Oak and the Canton of Coille Stoirmeil invite all newcomers to the SCA to Novices' Day, May 7, 2005 at the Taylor Community Center in Taylor Wisconsin. (The snit site.) Site opens at 9AM.

The event is FREE, though we will accept donations to offset the cost of the hall, food, and copies.

We hope that chatelaines (official and unofficial) will encourage new folks to come and learn about SCA -- its history and customs, geography and people. Kingdom and regional officers will be especially welcome, so the new folks can associate a face with a name. (Yes, you'll be introduced.) Lady Lilith of Rolling Oaks has promised an introduction to proper behavior in court. The Kingdom Seneschal will explain about officers and what they do. Other full-group activities will be announced later.

We would like to have a display of A&S projects, especially those in-progress. Artisans will have opportunity to chat a little more about their work during the class sessions. Regional practice for all martial arts will be possible if the weather cooperates and marshals volunteer.

A "wall of dumb questions" will be available, so shy people can ask a question without having to raise their hand and speak in public. A "dictionary wall" will also be available to define all those SCA-specific terms that are a mystery to new folks. (What on earth is a seneschal?)

We hope to have classes and discussions on the following topics. One person can be a coordinator, but multiple resource people will be welcome. Please let me know at if you'd like to be a resource. If each coordinator would provide a short (one page) resource list, we can run them off on site.


  • How to begin your garb closet
  • Heraldry -- choosing a name and device
  • Camping at events
  • Kids in the SCA
  • A&S opportunities
  • Martial opportunities
  • Choosing a persona

We hope to have bardic opportunities several times during the day so new folks can learn some of the classic Northshield songs. Coille Stoirmeil will be bringing lunch and Sarra Romney has promised supper. A fuller schedule will be posted somewhere on the website some time soon.

Please email me if you have questions or would like to help.

Kudrun ├że Pilegrim