Northern Oaken Regional Arts & Sciences Faire

The Northern Oaken Regional Arts & Sciences Faire is scheduled for April 30, 2005 in the city known mundanely as Upper Sandusky, Ohio (about halfway between Columbus and Toledo, Ohio). It will be hosted by the Incipient Shire of Caer Byrbryd, sponsored by the Marche of Three Towers.

There will be classes, a lunch tavern featuring Lord Otto's infamous Scotch eggs, children's activities, merchants, and a truly magnificant feast. Site opens 9am, closes 10pm. Site fee is $4 pre-reg (before April 20), children half price. Feast is $9 pre-reg, children half price.

Complete information will soon be available at

We are scheduling classes for both bored companions and arts types. Send a message to Lady Mathilda Harper at if you'd like to teach a class (in a room with a door! and a blackboard!). If you would like to merchant, please e-mail Cassandra Blackburn at

We will provide children's activities. Send a message to Charlis Wilsoun at if you'd like to help.

In service,

Lady Mathilda Harper
Caer Byrbryd