Middle Kingdom Knight undertakes quest of endurance for the sake of ladies' health

Sir Dilan Mac AnTsaier of the Midrealm plans to fight 200 bouts in four hours, accepting pledges to raise money in the fight against breast cancer, on behalf of Her Majesty Rebekah.

Make way! Dilan Battle-Bull
Full of zeal for Midrealm's Queen,
Keen to serve her chosen will
Makes this challenge heard and seen.

Keen-edged sword and iron spear
Here he offers Midrealms' lords;
Hordes of you he dares to greet,
Meeting as the time affords.

Lords, next Ceilidh of St. Joan,
Lone upon the hero's field,
Yielding not to pain nor woe
Dilan stands with sword and shield.

Twice one hundred bouts that day
May you be sure he shall complete;
Meet him there, armed as you may,
Paying pledges, as is meet. Seek to aid this royal quest,
Best of fighters, Midrealm's light!
Fight the cancers of the breast!
Silver bring to Dilan's fight!

Ten or twenty-five gold coyne
Foined with female heroes' face,
Grace the bout that you would join,-
Aid the Queen, disease erase!

This is Dilan's hope and quest:
Lest this project go awry,
Hie ye all to Ceilidh next,
March the Fifth is drawing nigh!

Should there any be so base
Facing Dilan to forstall,
All the bards ought on such place
Satirizing rhymes withal.

Poem by: Tigernach mac EĆ³ghain ua