Dame Eleanore Recalls the Lineage of Ealdormere's Order of the Pelican

Dame Eleanor Cadfan celebrates the elevation of Dame Sarra and relates the lineage of the Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

Dame Eleanor writes:

Last weekend I was pleased to be able to attend Break the Back of Winter in our Canton of Greyfells.

The high point was naturally Sarra's elevation to the Order of the Pelican. The ceremony went very well and I think it was a good day for Sarra. Apart from being a touch embarrassed about all the nice things that were said about her, she was proud and happy all day. The hall was prefect for the singing, the dress was stunning and the cloak was spectacular and made with love by many hands. It was a fitting recognition of the thousand kindnesses she has done all of us over the years. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to thank her publicly and properly. As I was the previous Pelican made, I was able to pass the Kingdom medallion on to her. I had made the medallion myself many years ago and so I wanted to add to the tradition by writing a lineage to be passed on with it. I didn't include a line for myself, as that would be boastful, so it will be up to Sarra to write mine for next time if she wishes to use the lineage again. I hope future Pelicans like the words enough to speak them in future ceremonies.


These are the nobles who have worn this medallion in turn and enjoyed the thanks of a grateful Kingdom:

  • Aelflaeda. Fair first of the line. Royal daughter, wise in council.
  • Next came Cerdic, Humble son of a cherished line.
  • Then was welcomed Susanna, Who holds the North Wind obedient
  • Konrad came then, Warrior will with a gentle voice.
  • Recognized was Genevieve. Generous quilled Rose.
  • After came Rylyn, Wolf wise. Trusted Guardian.
  • With joy, came Alyce. Gifted and ever giving.
  • Then bold Adrielle. Shield Maiden of the Bear.
  • Nicolaa was next, Her voice heard in many Kingdoms
  • Humbly stood Tabitha. Treasured coin. Kingdom's wealth.
  • Honoured then was Valizan, Cherished servant. Far travelled renown.
  • And finally myself, Eleanor, and from my hand to yours, your Majesty, to bestow upon this worthy woman.

Wassail to Dame Sarra!

Best regards,

Dame Eleanor Cadfan
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