Coffee: "Lovelier Than a Thousand Kisses"

If you are a true worshipper of the Bean, you will want to visit the Coffee Science Information Centre for a scientific explanation of why coffee is the nectar of the gods. Bach once referred to coffee as "lovelier than a thousand kisses." The writers and researchers at the Coffee Science Information Centre would agree. This site takes a scientific look at coffee, especially in regard to caffeine and health. Coffee through history is also examined.

If you have a love of the Bean, you will want to visit this site.

Pennsic Coffee

Ahhhhh, the Nectar of the Sacred Bean! Pennsic Chirurgeons working the night shift at Pennsic have long known of its beneficial health properties. For instance, coffee prevents broken noses, because we don't fall on our faces from fatigue!

Security staff have their own coffee pot at Pennsic, though their methods of brewing are a closely-guarded secret due to homeland security concerns. They could tell us what brand of coffee they buy, but then they'd have to kill us.

The ultimate Pennsic coffee, though, comes from the Trollbooth. On rare occasions when the Chirurgeonate runs out of coffee, the Trolls are kind enough to share theirs. Having sampled this brew, which is tested for readiness by attempting to stand a spoon in the cup, this Chirurgeon can only say, "Now I know why they are called the Trolls." It's serious stuff, indeed! Yummy!

I note from the "History" section of the web site linked from this article that coffee was brought to Europe in 1615, a little late for our period. On the other hand, it spread throughout the Arab lands much earlier than that. I wonder if, then, it would be period for a Byzantine to consume coffee? After all, Constantinople became Istanbul, and the Turks are famous for their coffee. Comments, anyone?

For those interested, I found the following additional link about coffee: