Wide Variety of Archery Shoots to be Available at Gulf Wars

Lord Peregrine Fairchylde has announced changes in the archery shoots for Gulf Wars which will mean a much wider variety of activities, including a dedicated children's range.

Lord Peregrine writes:

Greetings from Peregrine Fairchylde, who brings word of vast changes on tap for archery at Gulf Wars!

I encourage each and every person who owns a bow and arrows to bring them to Gulf Wars this year, as there will be a much wider variety of shooting from previous years. The war point will consist of a 100-yard clout shoot at a 30-foot target, and a timed shoot at a simulated castle window, 8 inches wide and 3 feet tall. In addition, there will be a seperate range where Royal Rounds and IKACs can be shot each day, and a dedicated children's range. And our friends from Calontir will be putting on a day of novelty shoots that will be both fun and challenging. On top of that, we'll be shooting at Saunders mats, so you won't have to dig your arrows out of bales of wet cardboard! Of course, there will be a thrown weapons range, too, and a special Ladies' Throw will again be hosted during the war.

For those of you who always shoot at Gulf Wars, please make sure you bring your gear and encourage all the archers you know to do likewise, including cross-posting this to local group lists and other forums. For those of you who never shoot at Gulf Wars, I urge you to bring your tackle and visit the range so you can experience the changes for yourself.

In service, I remain,

Peregrine Fairchylde