Tourney of Ymir Welcomes Newcomers

Rose Donnchaidh, a resident of the Stronghold of Raven's Cove in the kingdom of Atlantia, describes the wonders of the recent Tourney of Ymir.

Rose Donnchaidh writes:

Greetings all!

Please allow me a moment to express my appreciation for a wonderful weekend event - the Tourney of Ymir. My sons and I are newcomers to SCA and new members of the Stronghold of Raven's Cove. We have been to a few local fighter practices, but that did not prepare us for the delightful time that we had. We were amazed at the fortitude of the Atlantia fighters from all corners of the kingdom. My sons had a particularly delightful time throwing weapons and trying their hands at archery. My oldest son, Hamish Donnchaidh, is extremely motivated to serve Their Majesties in heavy combat - and I give fair warning to all seasoned warriors, for his heart alone will make him a formidable opponent (not discounting his girth and strength). My youngest son, Angus Donnchaidh, was "taken under the wing" of many and having no lord myself, I am very grateful to all who showed him attention and gave guidance. I owe a debt of gratitude to many who spent their time greeting me, sharing their knowledge with me, entertaining me, and making it their especial mission to make me welcome in this Great Kingdom. I pray that I shall be worthy of all that has come before me.

May I please thank in particular all those in the Stronghold of Raven's Cove who have done so much for us already - Sayyida Halima al Shafi'i for bringing us into the Stronghold, lending feast gear, garb, and her vast knowledge and enthusiasm, as well as a lasting and precious friendship; Lady Catherine de la Vache, Rodrigo de la Vache, and Lord Hiddo of the Batavian for advice, warmth, friendship, gifts, and making us feel like family; Lord Duncan MacLaren for offering his expertise in fighting and his friendship; Lord Calledon of Halbourne and his Lady Maderun of Landimor for such a warm welcome and help as we seek our way; for Lady Derbai'l ingen L'onan, affectionaly known by all as Lady Dar, for your precious spirit of warmth, help with garb, and making me feel like a sister; and to all the other members of Raven's Cove for making us welcome and comfortable. I am honored and gratified to be a part. Special thanks also to Mistress Emma from Seareach, for spending so much of her time introducing me to so many wonderful members of the Kingdom and for inviting me to experience such an honor as the Baroness' Tea. Your kindness will not be forgotten.

I am excited about meeting the other members of Seareach and Cathenar and strengthening the bonds of our Coastal Alliance. I hope to greet you all in Jacksonville this Sunday for the invasion of Atillium. Well met, fellow Atlantians!

Rose Donnchaidh
(AKA Tracey Duncan)