Fools' War XVI: Eat Your Veggies

On April 8-10, 2005, at Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area, Sandy Beach Park in Macon, Georgia, the Shire of Tir Briste brings you Fools' War XVI: Eat Your Veggies.

All who attend will be divided into four random teams...if you pay, you play! Compete in a wide variety of events and win food representations. By evening court, assemble your team's winnings into a sumptuous mock feast. The best, most well-rounded feast will be judged by ranking Royalty. Members of the winning team will be eligible for $5 off your next Tir Briste event! So come join us - there's something for everyone!

Members: $10.00
Non-Members add $3.00.
Children ages 12 and under are FREE.

Site opens at 9 am Friday, April 8th, and closes at noon Sunday, April 10th. Cash only at the door!

Important Note: Due to a comedy of errors (which seems sort of appropriate for Fools' War, if you think about it), our first flyer will not run until the March edition of Popular Chivalry. Since we wanted to make sure you all knew that Fools' War is happening and to give you at least some basic information, this web site is being published before its intended launch date. Thus, we're going to be missing a chunk of information for a while. Please be patient with us!

For site rules, information regarding reservations, merchants, and group camping, please visit our RSVP Page.

Autocrat: Lady Isabella de Boyce (Ann Gillespie)