A&S "Gobsmacks" the populace at Bright Hills in Atlantia

Lady Martelle Von Charlottenburg, from Atlantia, brings us this event report from the Baronial Birthday event held February 12 at the Barony of Bright Hills.

Lady Martelle writes:

If you were not able to attend Bright Hills Baronial Birthday then you missed one heck of an A&S exhibit.

All told between competition entries and display items there were well over 65 items on display! Everything from weaving to winemaking to embroidery to woodcarving to costuming was represented. A true testatment to the talents of the northern citizens of the kingdom!

The "Any item Decorated in Black and White" competition left the judges "gobsmacked". Even though the competition stated "no documentation" required many of the items came with extensive documetation! Due to the high quality of all the entries prizes were awarded to all.

The items entered were:

  1. A handsome and well made Horse Barding with the Baronial arms that was later presented to the Barony for a future Baronial Equestrian Champion.
  2. A lovely and well documented tablet woven belt.
  3. A chest decorated in a late period quilling technique.
  4. A monmouth cap knitted in black and white as a baronial coronet. It is a truly wonderful item!
  5. A stained glass piece in a celtic swirl pattern.
  6. A "Turn Coat" surcoat with two heraldic devices, one on each side of the surcoat. One was the bearer's household and the other side was the group device.
  7. A beautiful rosary necklace with hand made rose shaped beads and very interesting documentation.
  8. A diminutive, but impressive none the less, lampwork bead with the baronial arms worked on the surface.
  9. An embroidered chess board with the black squares worked in the baronial arms!

Two costuming competitions for clothing for children ages 0-2 and 2-4 brought out a hand sewn viking tunic with matching leather turnshoes and fulled wool lining. Also entered was a charming chinese tunic with matching hat and a later period hand sewn and saffron dyed linen shirt!

To say we looked at it all with our mouths open doesn't start to give justice to what we saw [that day].

So VIVAT! To the artisans of Atlantia and thier incredible talents!

Yours in Service to the Arts & Sciences in the kingdom of Atlantia!

Lady Martelle Von Charlottenburg,
MOAS Barony of Bright Hills, Atlantia
Order of the Panache, Drachenwald
Order of the Shell and Crescent, Bright Hills, Atlantia