Gode Cookery featured in upcoming Food Network documentary

The producers of Food Network's "Secret Life Of..." series were so impressed last year with the folks at Gode Cookery, a noted medievalist cooking web site, that they are featuring Gode Cookery in another episode, this time on Roman wine cakes.

Gode Cookery was featured in an eposide last year about medieval trenchers. This year, Greystone TV, which produces the "Secret Life Of..." series for Food Network, again visited the Century Inn in Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania (USA). The new episode explores cakes that the ancient Romans created for celebrating birthdays, with a demonstration recipe for wine cakes that were offered as libations to the gods. Two members of the Gode Cookery team, Master Huen and Signora Tomasia, appear in the upcoming episode.

The "original article" link points to Gode Cookery's web page on the new episode, with photos from the taping session and, of course, the demonstration recipe. The taping was on February 10; the show will air some time later this year.