Emmelyne de Marksbury elevated as Laurel in the Middle Kingdom

Emmelyne de Marksbury, silkewoman, was admitted to the Order of the Laurel at Dragonsmark's annual Candlemas event last Saturday, February 2. She was placed on vigil early in the morning, and was elevated at a well-attended evening court.

Formerly apprenticed to Emrys Eustace (called Broom) of AEthelmearc, Mistress Emmelyne has even presented her work on construction of medieval hairnets at the Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Emmelyne says of her arts, "Trying to recreate a medieval profession has led me down research paths I would never have thought of if I were only focusing on a how to make a specific product. It's the whole package of trying to be a silkwoman that I love. Of course, playing with string is good, too!"

And as good as she is at what she does, there is one thing she doesn't do. "I don't raise silkworms — I'm afraid of bugs!" she says with her lovely smile. "I start my work once the cocoons are stifled."

She has begun building a web site, silkewerk.com, that notes her research (and adventures!) in silkwork. "Silkewerk" is a common period spelling for the art. It discusses techniques, including reeling threads, experiments in dyeing, her work on period hairnets, and links to other period and research silk sites. "I look forward to expanding it as time goes on," she said. Her research interests also include studying weave patterns in period pendant seal tags. She reels, dyes and weaves the silk tape for many of the pendant seals seen in the Midrealm.

Her generosity in sharing her research and her willingness to teach the diverse skills she practices have put her in high demand as a teacher at SCA events.

She teaches regularly in the Midrealm, especially in the Oaken region, most notably at the Known World Costuming Symposium held inAlderford in September 2004; and is a popular instructor in AEthelmearc. Mistress Emmelyne is also looking forward to teaching at RUM/RUSH in Calontir in March 2005.

A crowning touch to the special day was the recognition of her husband, Edouard Halidai, who was inducted into the Order of the Evergreen, Middle Kingdom's grant-level award for arts and sciences. An excellent cook, Edouard was lauded for his research into period recipes, development of period techniques, and teaching. He was called into court just before the new mistress' own boon was begged from King Brannos and Queen Rebekah.

Mistress Emmelyne and The Honorable Lord Edouard are residents of the Northern Oaken Region and are active in the baronies of Flaming Gryphon and Fenix. They have two children.

She was apprenticed for 2 years and 8 months.

Uhm, she lives in SOUTH oaken

Uhm, she lives in SOUTH oaken.

You north oaken peoepl are always trying to invade or claim our folks. :)