Middle Kingdom Welcomes New Subject

Their Majesties Tarrach and Fina of the Middle Kingdom have a new subject, Veronica Irene Lilly. The population of the Middle Kingdom and the Marche of Alderford was increased by one on December 19, 2002 when Lady Veronica Lilly and Jesse of Alderford (Courtney and Jesse Lilly) became the parents of Veronica Irene Lilly. Veronica weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. Mother and daughter are fine. Hoobah!

The Marche of Alderford is located in and around the modern-day city of Canton, Ohio (USA).

Woo hoo! That's *our* shire

Okay, we'll admit it: About half the staff for SCAtoday.net lives in the Marche of Alderford. But we play fair -- we run everyone else's squishy feel-good birth notices on the newswire, too, not just our own. :-)