Enthusiast plans "Reenactment Fest" event

Mike Bollow, a reenactment enthusiast, is in the early stages of planning a "reenacting convention" that would welcome members — and interested visitors — from reenactment organizations across many time periods and cultures.

In an open letter, Mr. Bollow writes:

Reenacting Friends—

I am in the planning stages of the first ever reenacting convention. All historical time periods (SCA through WW2)...3 days...four-star resort hotel in Chicagoland.... a hall full of vendors...seminars...dances...guest speakers...recruiting tables for your unit...and more. Picture DragonCon, or Star Wars Celebration, or Beatlefest.

YES, it's a big undertaking, and I need your help. I have created a general info website for the event with an ALL-IMPORTANT survey. In order for me to know what kind of interest is out there for such a thing, I need reenactors to fill out the 10 question survey.

Please visit this link and have a look. It will help me out and YOUR HELP might help give birth to a whole new dimension to our hobby. [The "original article" link below goes to the survey. —Justin]

Also...please pass this on to as many friends from as many time periods as you can! Feel free to e-mail me at soldaten@aol.com with your ideas and feedback!

Mike Bollow