Happy Holidays

From the staff of SCAtoday.net, warm wishes to all Ladies and Lords of these Current Middle Ages for a safe, happy, and peaceful holiday season. Since this site went online on August 2, 2002, we have been blessed with loyal readership, helpful comments, suggestions, and bug reports, and lots of news stories. As we celebrate the holidays, we are thankful to each of you for helping to make our labor of love worth doing, for it is for you that we gather and report the news.

In these past five months, there have been about 7500 reads of over 300 stories. We are now averaging well over 2000 reads per month of the story detail page (this doesn't count the main newswire page). Several sites are now running our free syndicated newswire as well. In case you're curious, our most popular story so far was the report on Sir Pieter winning Midrealm Crown Tournament for Mistress Nan (http://scatoday.net/story.php?search_id=N-20021020-045336-0002).

We're grateful for the good relationships we have with other sites, such as the Pennsic Independent, The Medieval Times, and The Quarter, and we are grateful for the opportunity to live in a country where anyone with an idea can become an amateur publisher. A lot of what is on the web is drivel, but isn't it great to be able to be free to create and read whatever we wish?

For a variety of faiths and cultures, the midwinter season is a time of thankfulness and a celebration of peace, love, and charity. Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Ramadan, Yule, or something else entirely, may your season be filled with joy.


Maistor Iustinos Tekton called Justin
Publisher, SCAtoday.net