Could you design this year's Pennsic medallion?

Mistress Chai'usun, who is in charge of Information Services for Pennsic War 34, is seeking donations of artwork for this year's site medallion on the theme "Ships, Sailing, and Seaports."

Chai'usun writes:

Greetings to the Artists of the Known World!

We are currently searching for donations of artwork for the Pennsic 34 medallions. If you are an artist or know one who might be interested in designing the Pennsic 34 Medallion please pass along this information:

  • We are looking for designs for a 2.5 inch round medallion.
  • Design must have space for numbering in 5 digits.
  • Design must have space for 1 hole punched thru (size suitable for stringing).
  • Both sides will be stamped—that's right separate art on each side!
  • Design must include the text "Pennsic XXXIV" on one side.
  • Art needs to be simple line art appropriate for stamping.
  • Art can be either scanned (150 dpi) to bitmap file for emailing or direct mailed in hard copy form.
  • The theme for this Pennsic is "Ships, Sailing, and Seaports."
  • Artist will received credit in the Pennsic Book.

Deadline for artwork is by March 15th. If you have art you feel might be suitable, please contact The Mayor of Pennsic 34, Melchior Decimas Stoneteeth at

Thank you,

Mistress Chai'usun
Information Services
Pennsic War 34