Oertha Summer Coronet

The theme and Feast for this year's Summer Coronet will be based on Moroccan Culture, so quiet your camels and air out your tents and be prepared to delve into the exotic.

Contests for this summer will be:

  • Princesses Whim: Tiger Lilies in Any Mode
  • Princes Whim: Meads
  • Their Highnesses Whim: Chocolate in Edible Mode
  • Autocrats Choices
    • Mistress Margaret Ann of Somersett - Needle Arts (embroidery & beads) "Leaves" of any type tree.
    • Master Breock of Whitby - Tourney Boxes
    • THL Bianca - Person Banners or Oerthan Populace Badges

Event Contest will be Most Period Encampment.

Also, His Highness would like it to be posted that his choice for fighting style of the Summer Coronet Tourney will be, "Two Weapons" Meaning that each fighter will need to use two different fighting weapons to fight the tournament. e.g: sword & board, then axe or florentine & Great Sword. The competitors will need to declare their weapon choices upon entering the lists. And will be expected to use both. (Hopefully I interpreted this correctly) If not, would your Highness please repost. Thanks

His Highness has asked that this be posted in advance to give potentials a chance to train with other weapons than what they usually use. If you have any questions regarding the contests please contact myself, if you have any questions regarding the weapon styles for Summer Tourney please contact his Highness.

Yours in Service,
Oertha Forever

THL Bianca Rose Byrnes
Seneschal of Oertha
Darlene A. Cullor