Winter War Assessment

The Sargents of Saint Aiden and the Barony of Marinus by the sea welcome all to the first Winter War Assessment.

Authorizations will commence at 0930 with fighting at 1100. For the comfort of all we will have warming tents set up in case the weather is foul for the onlookers, with hot/wets ready for all. What, pray tell, is a Hot/Wet? Well, come ask the ladies in charge of the warming tents, as they will have information on camping in cold weather available to those that ask.

The feast will be prepared out-of-doors using techniques and recipes that will enhance one's comfort at Gulf Wars. The Head cook will welcome all to ask questions and will demonstrate his techniques — all to prep those going to the cold wet south. If you are not going to Gulf Wars, this is all good info to learn regardless. After all, Blackstone Raids is a coming.