Estrella Collegium to Feature Full Schedule of Classes

A&S Autocrat Lady Turrela Michelovna Vidmeyera and A&S Main Deputy Lady Katherine Bradon of Carlisle have announced that the class schedule for the upcoming Estrella War XXI is now available online.

Ladies Turrela and Katherine write:

Welcome to Estrella War XXI Arts and Sciences Collegium!! We are pleased to bring you a variety of classes with teachers from across the Known World! Included here you will find the class schedule and descriptions, they are subject to change as we get new classes in, and learn that some teachers are not able to make it after all; so check back frequently as the webminister will be constantly updating as we get closer to war. In addition a complete schedule will be available at the A&S Main Pavilion, feel free to drop by.

We are pleased to welcome the Society Senechal, Baron Swiftrunner; and the Society Exchequer, Maestra Margherita to the A&S Collegium! Both will be leading town-hall style discussions on their office, more information on each is in the class descriptions; be sure to come early for the best seats! Something new this year is the Middle Eastern Studies area, which will be located just south of the A&S Pavilion. This pavilion is designed to assist the Middle Eastern classes by providing additional space for this popular dance and drumming form. Also check the "Alternative Location" section for classes not being taught in the Main A&S Pavilion. As you can see from the descriptions these classes are better suited for the instructors encampment or another location. If one of these classes intersts you, please meet at the A&S Pavilion 5-10min before class so that the instructor may assist you with finding the camp. Please be on time as the A&S staff will have limited directions! Once more we have a selection of Vocal and European Dance classes, Thursday and Friday these will be in the Grand Court Pavilion; Due to the Western-European Dance Competition on Saturday, we have made room in the Main A&S Pavilion for additional Bardic and Dance classes. For more information on the competition be sure to check the A&S Competition link on the A&S Page.

Class Registration will open at 9am each morning, be sure to sign up early as some classes have limits! Most classes are suitable for teens and adults, but a few do have age restrictions, please check with the staff before class if you have any questions. All class fees are paid to the instructor at the time of the class, and are listed in the class descriptions as well.

We look forward to seeing you at war, and if you are still interested in teaching, or have any questions about the classes or the collegium feel free to email or call the A&S Autocrats.


Turrel & Katherine
Lady Turrela Michelovna Vidmeyera
A&S Autocrat, Estrella War XXI
Kingdom of Atenveldt

Lady Katherine Bradon of Carlisle
A&S Main Deputy, Estrella War XXI
Kingdom of Atenveldt