Viking Winter Games

The Shire of Selviergard will host Viking Winter Games February 12, 2005 in Eagle River, Alaska.

Yukikosan, Lord Nytshaed, and Lady Viola's Manor (Elizabeth Orr, Doug Leonard, and Joyce Smith's Home; 17244 Santa Maria Drive, Eagle River, AK)

Directions: Take the Old Seward to Tips' Bar, turn east (up the hill) on Santa Maria. It's the far side of the intersection with Prince of Peace.

Herr Wilhelm von Düsseldorf

How Much: ages 0-5 Free, 6-12 $2, 13 & up $3.00. NMS will be enforced. Please be aware that if you do not have proof of membership (card, Page label), the NMS will be charged.


  • Great sword Tourney, for Baroness' Champion. Either fighter or inspiration should be Selveirgardian.
  • Heavy Tourney: "Knee Deep in Snow" - Single Elim theme tourney; start on knees, all leg shots count as hips. For a prize (Note: may be deleted if time, weather, and/or light do not permit safe fighting.)
  • Viking Rapier: Single elim if not in viking... Extra elim for Viking style fencing garb/Armor, and for viking style buckler.
  • Best New Garb: Viking garb. Documentation counts. New means not previously worn to events.
  • Board and Card games: bring them and play them. Some provided and taught
  • Feast: Potluck, By 1st letter of SCA Name. 7-ish
    A-G Meat Dishes
    H-O Side dishes (Veggies and starches)
    P-S Deserts
    T-Z Grazing Table goodies
  • A&S Competition: Viking Food (Documented, bring enough for sharing in the potluck)
  • Bardic, following feast, around the fireplace.
  • Tales of Misfortune - Mini-sagas (5m limit) of humorous nature telling of a willing victim's misdeeds or unsuccessful run-ins with Loki. (If subject a real person, please bring proof of permission! The subject of the tale counts!, if fictional, that's okay, too.) - site is discretely wet; recognizable containers to be restricted to upstairs.