Mistress Cecilia's Laurelling Scroll

When Cecilia Mowebray was to be elevated to the Order of the Laurel in Atenveldt, a team of scribes worked long hours preparing a very special scroll for the occasion. Lady Ianuk Raventhourne shares photos of this beautiful work.

Lady Ianuk Raventhourne writes:

Over the past few weeks many from our Southern Scriptorium in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr have worked in secret on Mistress Cecilia Mowebray's Laurelling Scroll. She is one of our own scriptoria members and we've been schememing for months and just two weeks ago she was asked the question by TRM Phelan and Mariana. She had no idea what the scroll entailed until it unveiling during her ceremony.

The scroll is on a full sheet of pergeminata, which was not planned but worked out wonderfully and is based on a 15th Century Book of Hours from Belgium at the Getty Musuem.

Created by:

  • Mistress Isabella Dati - Layout and Minatures
  • Maestra Alex the Scribe - Calligraphy
  • Herzog Mathias Von Leuwenberg - Gold Leaf (almost an entire book of it)
  • HL Tonis Von Driele (A Whiskey Bard) - Musical Transcription and Period notation
  • Lady Ianuk Raventhourne - Border Illumination and text wording
  • Lord Roland Ansbacher - Latin Translation

Below are the links to photographs taken by Lady Ianuk during the process of creating the scroll and of the event where Mistress Cecilia was elevated, Boar's Den.

Scroll In Progress

Boar's Den and Kingdom War Practice


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