Photos from Atenveldt Southern Crusades Online

Sir Craven and Sir Ismenia of the Kingdom of Atenveldt have posted photos from the recent Southern Crusades 2002 event. Additionally, there are photos on the site from Estrella and Pennsic War as well as other local and inter-kingdom events.

Southern Crusades Pictures

Wow! Cool pictures of the fighters. Are they really fighting in the water or is that just mud from the rain?

Re: Southern Crusades Pictures

One of the most fun times I've had at a Pennsic was fighting in a driving rain, about five years ago (or so). It was the broken field battle, and the rain was so hard that we could hardly see. People were slipping and sliding in the grass. The battle finished okay, but the Marshals had to shut down the pick up fights afterward because it started to have lightning.

Took a couple of hours to clean up the armor, but it was worth it. Nice and cool, and a great novelty of battle.