Ice Axe

Knights and Knaves, Peasants and Peers, Royalty and Ruffians, all are welcome to this below the salt celebration. Darkness retreats while thoughts turn to spring, war and love. Join the College of Yarnvid as we celebrate the ending of winter with feasting, fighting, entertainment from other lands and contests of skill and grace. The king or queen of Hearts (Fools) shall reign with all manner of amusements. Decadence desired and silliness will be encouraged.

Contests to crown the King/Queen of Hearts and the Swagger and Sway(bring your best come-hither)

Martial Activities: Weather permitting: Heavy weapons contest; come fight for "Twoo Wuv" or just the glory of battle. There will also be Archery and Thrown Weapons, rumor has it that one bothersome winged avatar of Eros might be a target.

A&S Entries of documented, period, love token; be it a favor or other object decrying your heart's intentions. There will be a bardic competition of a love and/or lust song, poem, joke, etc... in line with the St. Valentine's holiday.

Adult, Member: $5.00 Day-Trip / $8.00 Feast
Adult, Non-Member: $8.00 Day-Trip / $8.00 Feast
Child (6-17): $3.00 Day-Trip / $4.00 Feast

Reservations after February 5, add $2 to feast fee and $1 for site fee.

Site: Powhatan County Fairgrounds, Anderson Hwy, Powhatan, VA 23139

Site opens 10 am closes 10 pm

Site Restrictions: The site is very wet. No four legged Pets.

Merchants are very welcome, but indoor space is limited. Please contact Ashahito (Nick Malone) e-mail: for inquiries and space availability.

Questions or dietary concerns about the menu can be directed to Cynara McDonald at

Autocrats / Reservations: Lady Ciar O'Byrne (Eileen George)

Out of town: Take your best route to Richmond, VA, to I-195 South (Toll $.50 )towards Powhite Pkwy VA-76 South towards US-60. Take Midlothian Tnpk.Rt-60 Exit (Toll $ .25 ) and take the first exit onto Midlothian TurnpikeWest. Stay on Midlothian, which will change to Anderson Hwy, but remains Rt-60, for approx. 21 miles and the Powhatan Fairgrounds is on your right.

Local: Make your best way to Rt-60, Midlothian Turnpike and head West to Powhatan, VA. Approx 16 miles from the crossroads of Courthouse and Hugeunot Roads, the site will be on your Right.