Feast at the Court of Philip the Good

Philip, by right and title Duke of Burgundy, Count of Holland and Hainaut, overlord of Brabant, Limberg and the lands of Flanders, sends greetings and bids all to whom these letters come to present themselves at His Court for a feast of the winter hunt, to take place on the 29th day of January, being 2005 in the Common Era at his manor in Lochmere.

Upon this day there shall be divers entertainments such as may suit His Grace's court, to wit dancing, singing, playing at cards and dice, and coursing of hounds. That all might know His Grace's wealth and power, his cooks (by name Master Robear de Bardoulf and his noble apprentice Valhalric Caligula Aurelius) shall put forth a fine supper to suit the season, and there shall be much revelry and merrymaking into the night.

In celebration of this day, all are asked to wear their finest raiment of the Burgundian Court, and to accouter themselves likewise, that the hall will be made more fair by the presence of banners and fine table linens, silver and bright candles.

In plain speaking, we are having an event focused on the court of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy (1396 - 1467). We are asking that, as much as possible, clothing and gear from that period be worn, and to that end, we are making some reference materials available on the Lochmere website, and hopefully giving everyone time to make clothes, etc. In an effort to encourage more authentic attire, we will be turning the heat off (or down significantly) in the hall, and we are selling many fewer seats than the hall will hold (so it won't be too crowded). There will be assorted contests throughout the day for those who are best in keeping with the theme of the event (in various ways). If you are interested in entertaining, please contact Master Corun MacAnndra (corun@medievalist.org)

Site: Earleigh Heights Fire Hall, located at 161 Ritchie Highway, Severna > Park, MD 21146

Event fees:
$14 on-board, $7 off-board; Nonmembers, add $3. Children 6-12 pay half the site fee ($3.50), those under 6 pay no site fee. Children pay the full feast fee if they will be sitting at table. Site opens at 11am. There will not be lunch served, but the feast will be held at about 4pm. Feel free to bring lunch if you like. The site is wet.

The hound coursing will be a demonstration only - please don't bring hounds without talking to the autocrats.

Autocrats: Keilyn FitzWarin (Beth Tanner, beth@cramton.com & Arianna Morgan (Chris Stuermer, chrissings@juno.com

Make your best way to Maryland Route 2. From Baltimore and points north, the fire hall is on the left about four miles south of the junction of Route 2 and Route 100. Make a U-turn at Coachman's Lane, then turn right into the parking lot immediately before the fire hall. If you wait to turn left at the light at Magothy Bridge Road, you may be waiting a while.

From Annapolis and the south, take Route 50 to Route 2 North. Go about 7 miles and turn after the fire station sign into the parking lot (before the fire hall). Be aware on this stretch of Route 2 that the right lane vanishes and reappears with some frequency.

Park in the lot on the side of the fire hall south of the hall and enter through the double glass doors.

Please see the Lochmere website for more details and reference information: http://lochmere.atlantia.sca.org/calendar.php