Future of Southern Reaches Still Under Discussion

Their Majesties Gerhart and Una of Caid have issued a statement that a new poll will be conducted regarding the future of the Southern Reaches (New Zealand). At a recent meeting in Caid, it was decided that a second and final poll would be conducted to decide the future of the Southern Reaches (New Zealand). The islands, now a part of the Kingdom of Caid, have requested to become part of the new Kingdom of Lochac (Australia). After the December 11, 2002 meeting, Their Majesties issued the following statement:

"After lengthy discussion, because of concerns regarding the results of the recent polling and unanswered questions regarding modern administrative details, the consensus of the Board was to direct the Society Seneschal to conduct another poll of New Zealand's paid (as of this date) members regarding this proposed change."

Board members hope that this new poll will allow the issue to be decided at the January meeting.