Tourney of Ymir

The Barony of Windmasters Hill is hosting its 30th annual Tourney of Ymir on the weekend of 11-13 February, 2005 at Camp Kanata in Wake Forest, NC.

The event web page is here:

Most of the event activities occur on Saturday. Friday is usually for setting up, and Sunday is mainly given over to cleaning up and loading out. (Help is always appreciated. This is one of the best ways to make new friends and get to know people better.)

If you're needing loaner garb or feastgear (tableware/eating utensils) for the Tourney of Ymir, or if you're bringing someone who will need loaner garb, we encourage you to contact your local Chatelaine (person in charge of assisting newcomers) in advance to make arrangements to reserve an outfit for them.

There will be loaner garb available at the event, but you're most likely to find and outfit that fits comfortably and looks good on you if you make arrangements in advance. At least a week in advance is best.

Remember that the chatelaines may have other Ymir preparations to make as well, and being asked to find garb and feastgear for 10 people a few days before the event when you have projects to finish can be stressful. In any case, they'll be happy to help as best they can.

It's helpful if you let them know if the person needing the garb is male or female, their height and weight, their approximate hip, waist and chest measurement (dress size if it's a lady), and their general colour preferences. You can even ask the chatelaine about making arrangements to visit them in advance to try things on. If schedules permit, this is the best way to make sure that the person ends up with an outfit that suits them.

Here is the contact information for the Chatelaines (or folks acting in that capacity) in Windmasters Hill:

If you're not based in Windmasters Hill, here is a link to help you find your local group:

And here is a list of local Chatelaines in Atlantia:

And here is a list of useful information for newcomers:

Also, Lady Ysolt la Bretonne will be running a Newcomers' Table at Troll (check-in) - time to be announced. Contact her at if you would like to help man the table.

If you have any other questions or concerns, I'll do my best to help.

In Service,
Ursula von Bremen
Acting Baronial Chatelaine