Norwegian Woven Textiles Conference to Take Place in Iowa

The Norwegian Textile Guild's 3rd Conference on Norwegian Woven Textiles will take place October 21-23, 2005 in Decorah, Iowa.

The conference, featuring exhibits, book signers, and workshops dealing with Norwegian textiles, will take at the Hotel Winneschiek's Steyer Opera House, Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum, and Luther College's Center for the Arts in Decorah, Iowa. The focus will be on techniques and cultural perspectives of Norwegian weaving, both historical and contemporary.

Speakers will include:

  • Marta Kloeve Juuhl -- introduction to the style of rya (woven-pile coverlet) traditional to Voss that has been revived by contemporary artists
  • Ellen Kjellmo -- the rich textile traditions of the north coast of Norway
  • Annemor Sundboe -- symbols used in weaving, knitting, and embroidery


  • Marta Kloeve Juuhl -- how to weave west-coast style coverlets on a warp-weighted loom
  • Annemor Sundboe -- loeyesaum or antique Setesdal embroidery

For more information, visit the website.