Barony of Storvik Investiture

Come and join the Barony of Storvik on a Joyous occasion. As Baroness Johanna has been called to assist her aged Parents and Grandparents in their waning years. To this end a new Baron and Baroness, Lord Sean and Lady Elizabeth, will be invested with all pomp and circumstances on the 26th of March, 2005.

The site is the Marlboro Volunteer Fire Department. The Address is 14815 Pratt Street, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, 20772.

Various competitions will be held in celebration of our new Baron and Baroness. These competitions will include a Bear Pit Tourney (weather permitting), A&S competitions, and Heraldic display. So, gather your banners, your armor, your Families, Companions and Households, and join us to complete the company of this glorious day.

The Site is wet(but cover all labels and non-period (read aluminum and the like) containers please), and Candles are permitted.

Merchants are invited but there is a limitation on the number of spaces available. The merchant autocrat is Master Herveus d'Ormonde (Michael Houghton @ Merchants must contact the merchant autocrat prior to the event to reserve a space.

We request the populace to devise games of amusement to entertain and add to the gaiety of this occasion. A space will be provided with times to be divided among any with such diverse amusements (for example a historical quiz, paint the knight with a spear...) Please Contact the Autocrat to arrange a time for your contest/game. Best such amusement will be recognized.

Heraldic Competition
The most impressive heraldic display (not necessarily the biggest!) Competition will be sponsored by Dame Brenna of Storvik.

Arts & Sciences Competitions:
All Things Viking
The object can be anything that has a Viking theme but must incorporate our new baron's or baroness's colors and depict some aspect of either of their devices. Information and descriptions posted to the website.

Viking Toys By Young Artisans
Any object that could be interpreted as a toy that Viking children would have played with or used for entertainment purposes done in any medium. Documentation or source of inspiration would count for extra points but not needed. Entrants must be under the age of 17.

Viking Subtlety
Recipe must be included in presentation. Sponsored by THL Samara Caitlyn of Elfayne

Best Cordial
The best cordial Competition will be sponsored by Sir Gauss Magnusson. (Judges to be pick from attendees at the event.)

Directions from the Washington DC Capital Beltway as identified from Map Quest:
1. Take EXIT 17A MD-202 East toward UPPER MARLBORO. For approximately 9.8 miles.2
2. Turn RIGHT onto MARLBORO PIKE/MD-725. Continue to follow MD-725. For approximately 0.2 miles
3. Stay straight to go onto PRATT ST. For approximately 0.1 miles
4. 14815 Pratt St, will be on the left. We can use the parking lot (for free) on the right of the Fire Hall or garage and street parking is available. DO NOT park in the Fire Hall Parking lot.

This site can be reached from Rt 4 at the Upper Marlboro/Equestrian Center exit as well.

Please repost at will.