Knight School at Stowe Faire

Knight School is being held this year at Stowe Faire (4-6 February). Here is an excellent opportunity for you to brush up on some skills or learn something new (plus a bit of biffo thrown in for kicks).

Classes are:


  • Basic Movement - Sir Aedward Staedfast
  • Post tournament forums with Knights. (There will be three tournaments held -- Billy Goats Gruff, Pas D'Armes and Single Kill, double Elim)


  • Combined Class on Tricky Skills - Sir Cornelius & Sir Philipe
  • Combinations - Sir Gui
  • Body Mechanics - Sir Yves
  • Shield Hooks & Presses - Sir Valerian
  • Basic Great Sword - Sir Brusi
  • What Maketh the Knight...Besisides Fighting - Sir Torg
  • Fighting from the Knees - HRM Sir Stephen Aldred
  • Figthing With Centre Grip Rounds - Sir Jock (Chuck)
  • Placement & Timing - Sir Berengar
  • Killing From Behind - Sir Alfar

If you want to come to Knight School, you will need to book for Stowe Faire. Details are in Pegasus or on the website:

Interstate wayfarers, we have NO more bunks available, but there is camping space and there is a small amount of floor space indoors.

See you all soon (very soon actually...make sure you book, prices are steep at the door).

Kind Regards,
Finn - on behalf of the Stowe Faire crew.