Controversial "Bog People" Exhibit Opens at Canadian Museum

ArtsCanada: The opening of the exhibit "The Mysterious Bog People" at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, Canada has sparked controversy. Megan Williams, national director of the Canadian Conference of the Arts, believes the exhibit "The Mysterious Bog People," now on display at the new Canadian Museum of Civilization, is disrespectful to the dead. The exhibit examines Northern European ritual sacrifices and includes several mummified remains. Ironically, the museum has a policy for not displaying the remains of Native Americans, but does not have such a policy for other cultures.

The exhibition runs from December 6, 2002 to September 1, 2003 and includes more than just the human remains. Numerous artifacts, including pottery, jewelry and weapons, will also be on display. An overview of the exhibit may be found at the museum's website (