Fantastic Fairytale Fete

Rapunzel! Let down your hair! Arise, sleeping beauties and join us! Come forth and play with us, as we enter the realm of fairytale.

Satiate your palate for far away lands, high adventure, brave and noble knights, dark and cunning foes, and elegant and timeless beauties. Celebrate the days of yore with us, and take a glimpse into the seductive world of legend and fairytale with our Second Annual Fantastic Fairytale Fete. Feast upon glorious foods, revel with good friends. Children's activities include braiding Rapunzel's hair, decorating your own crowns, stringing beads and coloring.

Classes begin at 11:30 AM - Instructors are being sought. Arts and Science Competitions held throughout the day include: tell or act out your favorite fairytale, myth or legend. There will be a prize for best telling as well as best enactment. Bring forth your fairytale food creation, prizes will be awarded for three categories: most historically accurate, best flavor, and for the best fairytale/food pun. Documentation is welcomed, but not required. For braiding Rapunzel's hair, there will be a prize for most creative.

As food for this event is potluck, please bring a period food item for the group. Light snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day. Please feel free to bring your own treats on which to snack throughout the day, as feast begins at 5PM.

Site Information: The Buskin River Beach House on Buskin River Turn off from Rezanof, set up begins 5PM Friday, April 8th. Site opens 10AM Saturday April 9th. Site closes at 7:30 PM for cleanup.

Event fee:
$7.50 and one period potluck item. Please call the Co-Autocrats with any questions or if you need a place to stay.

Any visitor wishing to teach a class is more than welcome to contact the co-autocrats to make arrangements. This is a dry site.

Co-Autocrats: Jonathon Clary (Lord Thomas Ewan) and Sonia Clary (Lady Maighread)