Hall of Fame page showcases active contributors, popular stories

A new feature added today, the "Hall of Fame" page gives you SCAtoday.net "by the numbers," with listings of the most active registered contributors and the most popular stories, plus some general statistics about the site as a whole.

We're always grateful for contributed stories and web links from our readers, and for the ongoing contributions of our staff reporters. The HOF page is our way of saying "Thank You" by showcasing those who have contributed the most, over the past week, the past month, the past year, and since the site was founded back in August of 2002.

You can get to the Hall of Fame by clicking the link on the "SCAtoday.net Quick Menu" or by following the "original article" link below.

In the first three weeks of its existence, SCAtoday.net had no web-based interface for posting stories. Our Publisher (me, Justin!) went to Mystic Mail at Pennsic and added in the stories by hand, using SQL commands directly against the database. Thankfully, that cumbersome approach didn't last too long!

We're now rapidly approaching our three-thousandth published news item, and we're getting ready to move to a brand new server that will bring faster page access and better reliability to the site. At the same time, we'll be updating our Drupal content management software to a new version, with some interesting new features for you to enjoy. There will be more updates on this project as the date approaches; we are expecting the move to happen some time in February.

As always, thanks so very much to our editorial staff, our contributing reporters, and our readers, for making this site so much fun to produce!