12th Knight Auction a Success

Sir Daniel of the Kingdom of AnTir reports that the recent 12th Knight charity auction, held to benefit the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, was a great success.

Sir Dan writes:


The 3rd Annual 12th Knight Auction was an amazing success. We raised $1413.00!!!

Let me thank both Sir Brand, who was an excellent Auctioneer, and my lady, Mistress CĂȘt, for her tireless work doing the paperwork.

Also Squire Kane and his Lady Morgan who pitched in and gave such excellent support and help during the auction itself!


I do owe Their former Majesties an apology, since we went over schedule a bit, but I don't think we held court up so I hope they aren't too upset.

There are a few people who had donations that were not extant at the time of the auction. I'll be sending you e-mails with contact info for the bidders who won your donations. Those high bidders already have your contact info, so expect to hear from them soon.

If anyone has any problems establishing contact, please don't hesitate to find me. It's very important to me that all contracted goods and services be delivered in a timely manner for this auction.

Finally, a huge thank you to the Chivalry of An Tir and the other Donors who were sponsored by the Chiv. Without you and the bidders this project would NOT happen every year. I DO sincerely thank all of you for your generosity.

At this point, I plan on repeating the auction next year. That will make 4!

Please forward this message anywhere it might be well received.

In Service,

Sir Daniel