Chirurgeonate Information for Estrella XXI

Lord Phineas Magollricke, Chirurgeon-in-Charge for Estrella XXI, has posted announcements pertaining to Chirurgeon involvement in the upcoming War.

Lord Phineas writes:

Unto the All Chirurgeons of the Known World does Lord Phineas Magollricke CIC for Estrella War XXI send greetings.

I feel my heart pounding as I hear the beating of the war drums to the West! Yes, WAR is coming and coming soon. I see the Kings of Atenveldt and Caid mustering their Knights and armies, I hear of the Kings of the Outlands and Artemisia preparing for battle, and soon, Yes soon, these mighty combatants will merge upon the Great Kingdom of Atenveldt in the fields of Estrella to do battle to the end, for Honor and Chivalry, for King and Land!

And we, the lowly Chirurgeons, will put aside the ties to King and Land to save all who may need a hand, and we'll leave no soul to the crow on the battlefield that day, for this I command as a friend to all man.

So to now I call upon all the Chirurgeons who may hear my words today, cry these out to all the land and to all who will hear your voice, to answer my plea, for it will take many of us to save these brave combatants at this, the XXI Estrella War.

Now that I hope you are all fired up and ready for war I do send out a request to all the Chirurgeons who will be attending war this year. I need to make it known of a few changes and events happening for the Chirurgeonate.

First- We will be having a quick training at 6 pm on Wednesday of war. We will go over radios and battlefield coverage. This should only last about 1 to 2 hours and dinner is being provided. It is important that any Chirurgeon attending war to please attend or show up for a brief overview of the events Chirurgeonate Plan.

Second- I ask that if you are a Chirurgeon or and Apprentice Chirurgeon and you will be attending war and plan to volunteer, please drop me a quick e-mail at to let me know. Also, I need to know who and how many people will be eating dinner Wednesday and Friday nights.

Third- On Friday night starting at about 6pm we will be having the EMS Appreciation Dinner, it will be in Honor of Izzy's "Robert" who physically left us in 2004, however will never leave our hearts and thoughts. We ask that everyone stop by for a while and visit and eat.

Forth- As a reminder to ANY Chirurgeon who even remotely thinks they may drive or may need to drive a golf cart, PER WAR POLICY, you must have a copy of your current and valid states drivers license and a copy of your current and valid proof of insurability (car insurance) or you will not be allowed to operate a cart. The autocrats have stated this will be STRONGLY ENFORCED Please make sure you don't forget them. Also, don't forget your CPR and First Aid cert. Cards and/or current Kingdom's warrant and to stop by Chirurgeon Point as soon as possible at war to get signed in.

With this I thank all who help to keep the known world populous safe and healthy.

In Service to TRM of Atenveldt and All Who Walk The Glorious Lands of Atenveldt,

Lord Phineas Magollricke,
KC Atenveldt, CIC EW XXI,