Barony of Grey Niche to Hold Blood Drive

Falada of the Barony of Grey Niche in Meridies has announced that the barony will hold a blood drive at its Candlemas Collegium event February 5, 2005.

Falada writes:

Last October the Barony of Grey Niche held a one day event in connection with a Blood Drive by Lifeblood. This is just a reminder that we will be doing another blood drive at our Candlemas Collegium on February 5. The Bloodmobile should arrive at about 9:30 and will be available until 12:30.

Last time we ran the Lifeblood folks out of supplies and still had plenty of folks waiting. It would be an awesome statement for the SCA to do the same thing again.

Please join us for Candlemas Collegium, and while you are there, prepare to roll up your sleeves for a good cause.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.