Knights Templar Demand Apology

The grand master of the Knights Templar has sent a letter to the Vatican demanding an apology for persecution of the group during the 14th century.

The letter requests an apology for accusation of crimes such as homosexuality and devil worship made by the Catholic Church during its 14th century persecution of the Templars.

Editor's note: This story originally reported that the letter was sent by a man named Tim Acheson. That turns out not to be correct. regrets the error.

Correction: The above comment


The above comment incorrectly credits me with writing the letter in question. However, this is a misinterpretation of the article that appeared in The Guardian on 4 January 2005.

The newspaper article does not say that I wrote the letter. I am described as “The man who has persuaded the Vatican to consider apologising

Errors apology

Errors compounded...

The Guardian story was vaguely worded, and we at misunderstood its intended meaning. This is compounded by The Guardian's own error, as reported by Tim Acheson in his comment above. has been in email contact with Mr. Acheson, and we deeply regret the errors (even the one we didn't cause).

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