"Scissors" Victorious in East Kingdom A&S Competition

Lady Kayleigh McWhyte, East Kingdom King's Champion of Arts and Sciences, has announced the winners of the Rock, Paper and Scissors A&S Competition held at the Kingdom's Twelfth Night celebration.

Lady Kayleigh writes:

The concept for Rock, Paper, Scissors was the result of a long trip home to Long Island, NY from Pennsic, combined with an overactive imagination. Initially thought of for a group competition, and possibly it's own event while discussing it with my lord Ryan McWhyte, I opted to try this out as a contest instead with the gracious permission of Baron Adhemar da Villarquamada of Dragonship Haven (the EK 12th Night event steward), and the support of Their Majesties, Thorson and Svava, who were also intrigued. This was my first time organizing, much less running an A&S activity. I am especially grateful to those gentles who pitched in by either stepping up as judges, setting up tables, or by just sitting with me to help observe and allow me one or two much-needed brief breaks.

As silly as the name of the game sounds, I realized that the Arts and Sciences could virtually be covered under the following themes:

  • Rock - Entries dealing with the conversion or alteration of it's substance to create something else - mainly a Science category. Raw materials and material preparation, like cooking, brewing, weaving, and spinning, metalsmithing, and armorsmithing were among the entries acceptable for this.
  • Paper - Entries on paper, or dealing with decoration of surfaces. Research papers (especially in lieu of performance art since this would be a static display), scribal and book arts, painted pottery were among those acceptable for this.
  • Scissors - Entries requiring the use of a sharp or pointed tool to create. Sewing of any sort, as well as carving and stamping were acceptable for this.
The display itself was well-attended, placed up on the stage a little away from the crowd but overlooking the merchant area. Though each artisan was limited to one competing entry each (for reasons of space concerns and judging time), there were multiple entries permitted on a display-only table there. Contest categories included Youth (under age 18), Viking (as the current reign is such), and Overall. There were a total of 55 entries, all told, and I remember them fondly - from many skilled entries placed into competition by the Athena's Thimble guild, to a sottletie of a Viking longship, to some beautiful card weaving and of course, the wonderful winning entries inclusive of a full suit of 15th c. armor and a felted mask.

It was a wonderful day, albeit a busy one, and the biggest thanks go out to those who showed up and participated. Vivant to the artisans of the East!

The winners were:
In the Viking Category:
Oksana Goncharova, for the Felted Hedeby Mask (Oksana received a painted memento glass crafted by Isabelle de la Sur-Comte, and a wooden commemorative plaque painted with runes by myself)

Runner up, worthy of mention:
Carowyn Silveroak, for the Viking beaded necklace. Each glass bead was created by her gifted hands.

In the Overall category:
Geoffrey the Younger, for a full suit of late 15th c. Armor. Well done! (Geoffrey received a painted memento glass and a commemorative 2"x 3.5" mini-scroll depicting a gilded armband, with calligraphy denoting the achievement, crafted by myself) *There is significance to the armband.... a story I could tell later, if anyone wishes me to explain it.

There were two runner ups, worthy of mention:
Mathilde Eschenbach, for the Elizabethan Sweet Bag.
Oksana Goncharova, for the Felted Hedeby Mask.

Alas, there were NO Youth Entries.... ....Thus, with Their Majesties knowledge and permission, during feast I gave a small commemorative mini-scroll that was to be for the Youth A&S winner to the person who was 'youngest at heart'.... .....For being so well-versed in youthful ways, I presented this award to His Highness Kelson. ;) ;) ;)

And finally.... The winner of the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors:
Of the 55 entries, including those purely up there for display, Scissors won the game with 35 entries. :)

Vivant to all, and again, I hope everyone had a wonderful time. Truly, there were some spectacular entries out there, and it was a joy to behold each one of them.

In Service to the East and All of Its Artisans,

Lady Kayleigh McWhyte
King's Champion of Arts and Sciences