Medieval Winter Festival

All Fighters are Invited to attend the first annual: Medieval Winter Festival - January 15, 2005.

Location: Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort (after Destin, FL - before Panama City, FL)
9300 Emerald Cost Parkway West
Sandestin, Florida 32550

From: Festival from 10a.m. till 3p.m. / Site opens for admittance 7a.m. Price: FREE, this is a demonstration for a resort.

The Shire of Phoenix Glade and the community of Baytown Wharf at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, would like to invite all SCA members to their first annual Medieval Winter Festival. The SCA is the main focus of this festival, it is not a side line attraction. If you are a fighter or a merchant, please consider attending this event. It is only 5 hours long. This event could turn into an all weekend event in the future.

We would like to invite all fighters to attend. There will be on and off during the whole 5 hours of the demo. There will be a procession from several directions leading to the main fighting field. Where all the warriors will be introduced to the public. A champion will be elected at the end of the fighting.

Baytown Wharf, is an enclosed community within the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. The facility itself is set up like a medieval village with a New Orleans feel. It is very charming. If you have banners or any display items, feel free to bring them to add ambiance. There are restaurants, bakery, candy shop, clothing shops and taverns at this location

If you can attend, please contact the seneschal off list at , Any cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Yours In Service, Lady Isabeau Ilsa of Donan, Keeper of the Tri-Loch
Seneschal and Coordinator
Shire of Phoenix Glade
Kingdom of Meridies
Shire Web Site: